Online Technical Assessment Test

Online Technical Assessment and Skill Test

Technical Assessment

The specific skillset and expertise possessed by a candidate for a specified job role can be interpreted through the Technical assessment test.

Combining technical tests with the psychometric test we blueprint the test for both skilled as well as non-skilled employees. 9 LINKS helps the organization in screening the candidates based on human metrics with a set of hard skills like technical skills and soft skills like interpersonal skills necessary for a technical position. We design the right questions and dig out the hidden expertise and weaknesses by interpreting accurate results.

ITI Tests/Blue Collar assessment

With the increasing emphasis on skilled workforce by the skill development mission across sectors, employability skills have been found to be equally important as technical skills. The world skills mission has identified and emphasised extensively on the development of the workforce in lowest rung of the organisational pyramid.

9 LINKS extensively emphasises on the importance of psychometric test for blue collar workforce besides managerial and leadership levels.

Our holistic psychometric test for blue collar workforce assesses cognitive skills/aptitude, behavioural skills, technical skills, and integrity. The test has been used for assessment of candidates during recruitment of ITI candidates for various roles across industry sectors. Our psychometric test have helped employers in identifying talent during mass hiring of blue-collar workforce. Our automated and semi-automated tests are highly efficient in decision making for recruiters during talent acquisition process among the skilled workforce. It has been effective in reducing the labour turnover. Understanding the areas of training needs using psychometric test has proved to be one of employee retention strategies.






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