Why Integrity is an important driving factor in the success of an organization?

Why Integrity is an important driving factor in the success of an organization?

Why Integrity is an important driving factor in the success of an organisation?

Raj, who was working on a database project at a prestigious firm, keeps receiving an error code that puts him in a poor state of mind. As the deadline approached, his manager pressurized him to deliver the project. Raj weighed all his options and decided to speak with his supervisor and explain the issues he was facing. The supervisor was quite happy with Raj’s honesty and together they worked as a team to successfully complete the project within the deadline. 

Raj did not shy away from failure. On the contrary, he prioritized the interest of the company and client. His integrity towards the job and company ensured he had nothing to fear for as he was on the right foot.

If one joins or is already a part of an esteemed organization, like Apple, Google, or Samsung, one can find oneself in a can of worms like Raj.

“More people like you are required at our organization” is something every conscientious employee would love to hear. But to reach this topmost level of respect takes a supreme blend of enviable traits revolving around integrity.

Any organization is looking for employees who are aiming to be the guiding force for business growth.  

Integrity is a valuable trait to have in the organization and one that employers require in their employees. A company that has employees who value integrity is likely to have a professional and dependable work culture. The employees in the company are more likely to have a good working relationship with their employers and also among themselves. They will be regardful of each other, will be largely motivated at work, and will accordingly be more productive. It also can be assessed through an Integrity test for employees.

Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and harmonious stickler to strong moral and ethical principles and values. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions.

How to display integrity for the workplace in work from home conditions?

In these difficult times when substantially, all are working from home, this trait plays an important role in the success of the company.

Giving the correct information

Demonstrating integrity means that one always sticks to the truth when representing the company’s products and services. In any business interaction, one should never distort the truth or cover up the facts. For example, let customers be informed “The order will not be able to be delivered in a week’s time as it would be customized, and it takes a minimum of 2 weeks’ time.”

Usually, companies are trying to maintain strict timelines. During Pandemic times also the correct information should be given, for example, there was a shortage of semiconductor chips in various industries this was being used. Once this was communicated to the clients, they took cognizance, and pressure was reduced.

Giving Credit Where It is Required

In certain companies, it is hard to get the credit one deserves. Giving credit where it’s due helps foster teambuilding. Though now usually all are working from home and if one of the colleagues goes out of the way to help, definitely a thank you mail should go out and the credit should be given. “I could not have completed this project without Shekhar’s help and inputs,” one can say. Better, thank Shekar in an email and copy all who worked on the project.

Taking Ownership

Those with integrity take accountability, even when it means having to admit one’s shortcomings. Here we can say leaders create other leaders by the way they exhibit. If a team has underperformed and as a leader, one stands up and takes ownership. “I know we should have performed better, and I take full ownership of my team’s performance, next time will definitely perform better.” This will make the team stand up for the individual in all situations, as they are aware that their leader will stand up with them.

Honouring Deadlines

Integrity in the organisation starts with honouring deadlines. No one, least of all the boss, wants to hear the many reasons why one couldn’t honour a deadline. All the boss wants to hear is that the work is ready.

One can prove oneself a person of integrity if one comes through when the date has been committed for. (It may help to under-promise on the delivery date by a few days to give oneself the cushion one needs to complete the work on time.) Especially in these difficult times, one should keep sufficient cushion as other parameters would also impact the committed dates as one does not have all the infrastructure that one gets in the workplace.

Approaching Challenges with Courage

Showing courage in each aspect of professional life demonstrates integrity. It may mean be having to go back to a client with new information that proves something that was stated earlier was wrong. Or it may mean standing up to a boss who wants to cut corners in a way that makes the working environment unsafe. (This is to be done in private, rather than showcasing the boss’s integrity into question in public).

Negativity should be avoided

A company took a risk on when they are hiring any individual. The last thing an organisation wants to hear is that the individual who has been hired is repaying his loyalty by looking for a new job. Or there are negative comments about the company on Facebook or other social media.

Though all want to be transparent about their achievements and losses to the boss and colleagues, one should resist bad-mouthing the company or anyone associated with the company. Demonstrate integrity in the organisation by keeping your grudges about the boss to self only.

Especially in these particular times when there is so much being put on social media, if one has any qualms, it is better to speak and get it sorted rather than putting it on social media.

Hence, Integrity is the common denominator of a rewarding and successful career for an employee and company’s prosperity. By demonstrating integrity in the organisation one can make a balance between respect and accountability. Not only will positive attributes lead to having better relationships with colleagues, but one can find more satisfaction from the work because the performance will be in with the best self.

One should become an icon of integrity in the organisation. One can set the tone for appropriate behaviour and overall professionalism across the organization. The rewards will come in the form of mutual respect and rapid growth both for self and the organisation.