Cognitive Ability Test

Online Aptitude Test

Our online and automated Cognitive skills tests assess general mental ability and aptitude test for various roles. Cognitive skills are core skills our brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention.

9 LINKS aptitude test helps understand the fitment of candidates into roles with specific skill sets through multiple methods of assessment. Our online aptitude test assesses the new age skills required for high performance in various industry sectors.

What Are Cognitive Ability Tests?

A cognitive ability test can also be named as aptitude tests or intelligence tests commonly used throughout the hiring process.

When the term cognitive ability test is used in the context of a psychometric assessment, it usually refers to a collection of questions that consists of a wide array of topics like numerical, verbal, deductive, logical reasoning, and allow for very short response times.

Exams can also be divided up into several different components to test things like reasoning, understanding language, and so forth. Each section is scored separately, and the results can be compared with those of other people who have taken the test to ascertain where someone falls on a scale of cognitive performance.

What is Assessed with Cognitive ability test?

It helps in understanding the level of ability an individual possesses to interpret, retain and process information.

Numerical reasoning and verbal ability assessment help in assessment of aptitude towards jobs.

Significant research suggests that cognitive skills such as visual attention help in predicting absenteeism and attrition at work.

Our online aptitude test and cognitive ability tests assess the mental acuity, synthetic thinking and fast mapping required for various job roles across industry sectors. Our aptitude test and cognitive skills test have been extensively used for efficient screening during talent acquisition process.

Facts about Cognitive Ability Tests

The cognitive ability test is the most precise and reliable test which can help to assess the attitude of the applicant. This test is reliable in terms of the job performance of the candidate actually in comparison to the set performance standard for him or her.

In case the recruiters implement the cognitive ability test well in the recruitment strategy then they will make better and more informed decisions

Are Cognitive Ability tests reliable?

The online cognitive ability test includes a wide range of mental processes such as working with numbers, problem-solving skills, ability to grasp the knowledge and implement it, and many more things.

This cognitive ability helps to predict how well the employee will follow the instructions and communicate with the co-workers if he or she is selected to work for the organization. This is considered to be the best predictor of job success of people and top employers in every industry rely on such tests.

Reliability implies that candidates would achieve generally equivalent results when reassessed. By working with cognitive skills tests into the recruitment strategy, one can make better, more consistent hiring decisions efficiently.