Cognitive Ability Test

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Cognitive Ability Test

Our online and automated Cognitive skills tests assess general mental ability and aptitude test for various roles. Cognitive skills are core skills our brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention.

9 LINKS aptitude test helps understand the fitment of candidates into roles with specific skill sets through multiple methods of assessment. Our online aptitude test assesses the new age skills required for high performance in various industry sectors.

What is assessed with cognitive ability test

It helps in understanding the level of ability an individual possesses to interpret, retain and process information.

Numerical reasoning and verbal ability assessment help in assessment of aptitude towards jobs.

Significant research suggests that cognitive skills such as visual attention help in predicting absenteeism and attrition at work.

Our online aptitude test and cognitive ability tests assess the mental acuity, synthetic thinking and fast mapping required for various job roles across industry sectors. Our aptitude test and cognitive skills test have been extensively used for efficient screening during talent acquisition process.