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Recruitment Focussed Psychometric Test

Interview based hiring or hiring based on only technical assessment has become obsolete in the era of modern recruitment and selection practices. Most job roles demand a combination of technical skills and behavioural skills.

Our flagship psychometric test, 3 Skill Assessment Questionnaire (3SAQ) has helped several clients as a pre-hiring assessment tool. Our highly reliable and valid tests have been constructed on the guidelines laid by American Psychological Association ensuring extensive research.

The current era of hiring demands skill-based assessment tools. Our tests assess work skills which ensures that employers are able to understand the level of skills that their candidates possess and screen them. This further reduces the hiring time and cost. Using a psychometric test reduces the chances of wrong hiring and re-hiring.

How can I prepare for assessment?

Psychometric tests are designed to test both the knowledge and mental sharpness of the candidates. Start practicing for the test itself. There are ample of resources available online to give a fair idea of the test.

It is advisable to not be dependent on a single website for the entire preparation. Keep 2-3 websites around for the purpose of practicing. Start with identifying the subjects one is weak in.

If English vocab is weakness, then begin by practicing it first. One should begin with easy problems, and subsequently increase the difficulty as one progresses. Timing is one of the most vital aspects of the exam.

Beyond all the practice one has had and all the knowledge one has accumulated, psychometrics is a measure of one’s thinking capabilities. Most importantly, one will not be able to perform well if one is fatigued, no matter how much preparation has gone into it.

Before the cognitive test online, rest must be given to self for couple of days. Both the body and the mind should be at the best state possible. A calm mind is the best to pass a psychometric test. Answer the test honestly, that gives one the edge on others.

How do I complete the Assessment?

Psychometric tests cover a broad range of topics that include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, personality, situational judgment tests and some more depending on various service providers.

Practicing numerical reasoning questions, verbal reasoning question and diagrammatic reasoning questions can bring in speed when someone is taking the test finally. So, if one has to complete the test familiarity with questions will prove to be an added advantage.

Strengthen oneself by honing in on specific weaknesses and try to simulate. Taking short practice sessions that focus on specific topics. Short practice sessions can also prove invaluable. It allows one to spread the practice during break time in the busy schedule.

Tests in most cases cannot be fully completed, neither in terms of time constraints nor in terms of the materials covered. So whatever one does must be done according to their optimum level.

How it works

Employment specialists use these tests to determine if someone is a good fit for a job. For instance, personality, intelligence, and aptitude tests can be used to capture specific preferences and skills for required tasks and responsibilities.

Those preferences are then matched by the employer to particular job functions, whether the candidate fits into the job or not. Not all candidates are tested for the same traits, however tests often include personality questionnaires, situational judgement, critical thinking, numerical reasoning, a variety of abilities, verbal reasoning, and more.

They would shed light on a candidate’s level of extraversion, social skills, and logical reasoning. These cognitive ability assessments help a company get a far better understanding of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.